The American Institute of CPAs has been promoting financial literacy in recent years through efforts like its 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy site and its Feed the Pig campaign with public service announcements encouraging consumers to save more money.

Now the organization has joined the board of the JumpStart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy after being involved with the group since 2004, when the AICPA started its 360 Degrees initiative. The AICPA’s manager of communications, Melora Heavey, will be serving as the AICPA’s representative on the board, with backup from Cheryl Reynolds, the AICPA’s director of communications advertising and brand management.

The JumpStart Coalition mainly targets students in kindergarten through 12th grade and has recently branched out to college students. By joining the board, the AICPA will be able to weigh in more on JumpStart’s annual survey of financial knowledge among students and its annual Financial Literacy Day on Capitol Hill event.

“Since the profession launched its financial literacy effort with 360 Degrees in 2004 and Feed the Pig in 2006, the number of CPAs who have gotten involved at the local level has really increased,” said Reynolds. “That has really brought attention to JumpStart. It made the difference in having CPAs commit to financial literacy.”

Heavey pointed out that many state CPA societies have also gotten involved in financial literacy efforts, including the Virginia Society of CPAs.

As more CPAs go into the classroom and teach young people about money management skills, they are helping them learn more about today’s complex economy and the skills they will need to deal with the bank accounts, credit cards, rents and mortgages they will eventually have to juggle.