CalCPA members, get your cameras ready.

You all now have your chance at fame and glory as the organization is encouraging video submissions to YouTube in an effort to put CPAs in the spotlight.

Prizes – including CPE credit and scholarships -  will be offered for the best of the best.

"We know our CPAs are great with numbers, help clients plan a financially secure retirement, and develop financial forecasts for businesses," says Loretta Doon, CalCPA chief executive. "But we think they can also act, sing, dance, and operate a camcorder with panache.”

The video can’t be longer than two minutes in length, must include at least one favorable mention of CalCPA, CalCPA Institute or CalCPA Education Foundation (hey, you can’t blame them for wanting some shameless self-promotion), and a member can only submit one video to the contest, although may participate in others.

Video-makers also must choose from a list of categories when submitting their entry. Those categories include: Advantages of CalCPA membership, Financial Literacy, Life of a CPA, How CPAs Help Clients, Accounting Student, and Chapter Board/Committee/Section/Group.

To participate, members must fill out an entry form and post their video on YouTube no later than Dec. 31, 2009.

For more information, check out the CalCPA site.