Becker Professional Education announced today the latest updates to its CPA Exam Review course and products. The changes include a significant increase in multiple-choice questions and simulations, new lectures and hundreds more flashcards—all to ensure students prepare with the most up-to-date content on the CPA Exam.

“We are committed to helping our students succeed in passing the CPA Exam by continually investing in our course and products to stay current with the exam’s ever-changing landscape,” said Timothy McClinton, vice president of U.S. Accounting at Becker Professional Education, in a statement. “We strive to have our content mirror the CPA Exam in every way so there are no surprises on exam day.”

The  CPA Exam Review was created with the help of student feedback, and now includes:

  • More than 7,000 multiple choice questions
  • 300 task-based simulations
  • 100 hours of expert instruction
  • Two full final practice exams per part
  • Interactive study planner and study roadmap
  • Comprehensive textbooks and eBooks
  • Unlimited academic support

In addition, students can now supplement with:

  • More than 30 hours of video lectures and over 700 multiple-choice questions for the Final Review
  • 1,400 flashcards
  • Additional multiple-choice questions for select topics

To learn more about Becker, visit their site here.