Becker launches <i>Accounting for Empires</i> mobile game for CPA Exam prep

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Becker Professional Education has launched Accounting for Empires, their new interactive mobile game which acts as a supplementary study tool to their CPA Exam Review course.

Available on both Apple and Android app stores for smart phones and tablets, Empires utilizes multiple-choice questions and task-based simulations to see players "build" their empires while studying to pass the CPA Exam.

Accounting for Empires reflects the growth of games as more than just distractions,” said Ramin Nadaf, vice president of course development at Becker Professional Education, in a statement. “An emerging body of research is proving that games can better engage college students and improve academic performance – largely by making learning more fun.”

Empires will also offer players:

  • Personalized Content – Users are able to customize the content they wish to be quizzed on. 
  • Strategy and Knowledge – Through multiple choice and simulation questions similar to those found on the Exam, correct answers earn players resources to build their empires. Users can also seek out and challenge other players in the game.
  • Connect for Greater Success – Empires allows players to connect to other students and helps help prep each other before exam day.

The app is now available through Apple and Android app stores. A free trial is also available for download at Becker's site here

For more on Becker Professional Education, head to their site here. Check out a preview of the game below. 


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