Following the AICPA's announcement on the final details of the new CPA Exam set to debut in April 2017, Becker Professional Education has launched their new Exam Change Central in order to provide support and resources for future test-takers.

Exam Change Central will provide test updates, guidance, direction and support to future CPAs so they can make informed decisions on how and when they take the Exam. One such resource, My CPA Path, is an interactive planning tool that helps candidates prepare for the new sections of the CPA Exam before next year.

Becker has also released theirExam Change Central 2017newsletterto keep CPA hopefuls up to date on Exam changes and study tips. The Exam Change Central site also houses FAQ's, sample exam changes, and insights from Becker instructors and alumni.

Angie Brown, Becker's national instructor and director of curriculum, has also broken down the final changes made to the Exam in a video posted on Becker's YouTube page. Watch thevideo here.

For more on Becker's Exam Change Central, head to theirsite here.