Belicia Cespedes, 17, possibly youngest to ever receive CPA license

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At just 17 years of age, Belicia Cespedes of Canyon Country, CA has earned her CPA license, in addition to earning her bachelor's degree in accounting and completing two years of part-time work experience under a licensed CPA, according toThe Santa Clarita Valley Signal.

One of four sisters, Belicia was a part of a homeschooling program that saw her and her siblings graduate high school between ages 11 and 14. Their schooling revolved around their own interests and strengths in order to hone in on a specific career path.

After completing high school, Cespedes quickly started acquiring college credit through the College-Level Examination Program - a credit program overseen by the College Board. To work up to the CPA Exam, Cespedes completed the specific number of credits in mandated subject areas such as business, ethics and mathematics. 

After passing the five required exams—four knowledge-based, one ethics-based—on her third attempt, Cespedes' parents submitted her accomplishment to the Guinness World Records for verification.

“They don’t have records of it, so they don’t know if she’s the youngest,” Jan said, according to the Signal. “So [her] Mom and I decided to name Belicia Cespedes the youngest CPA in American history.”

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