Best States for Accounting and Finance Careers

The staffing company Accounting Principals analyzed the best states for accounting and finance professionals to live in by tracking the number of accounting and financial positions in each state from 2009 to 2016 to see how well each state’s job prospects are growing. Texas came out on top.

The study looks at some of the employment trends in finance and accounting positions in each state during that same period to see how each state’s job prospects are growing. States such as New York and California require an expensive lifestyle, so Accounting Principals wanted to identify which states offer the best salaries when adjusted for their cost of living. The company compared each location’s average salary for different levels of experience and the state’s cost of living index.

The study found the Lone Star State of Texas outperformed all other regions for salaries on all levels.    Delaware, Georgia and Missouri also appeared on each level of the best-paid careers analysis.

Nebraska seems to be an ideal target for later career moves, with its ranking improving as job seniority increased (from 26th place for entry-level jobs to third for management positions).

Meanwhile, Mississippi’s financial market appears to be shrinking the most, dropping 6.8 percent in the total amount of employees since 2009.

In contrast, Arizona led the way in nationwide growth in financial employment, with a 20.3 percent increase in jobs since 2009.

The results also provide an indication of the top-performing financial sectors in the U.S., and the most stable sectors for those in or considering a career in that industry.

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