We're here.
No, the big blue bear is not our symbolic way of saying the market is crashing down before us. It's our welcome into Denver. Finally.

This one's for Howard.

After a 50-minute shuttle ride full of nine not-so-happy campers slightly concerned about the sketchy surroundings we drove by to arrive at the Denver Convention Center for Sage Summit--the software vendor's annual customer conference.

It's in the 60s, but the mountinan tops we're viewing from our hotel rooms are lined with white.

Here's what we know so far. Sage is rebranding--dropping the "software" from its name like it's not so hot. Considering the company made something in the neighborhood of 20 acquistions and the users tend to be more familiar with the individual products than the Sage parent, DeFelice is wondering whether it's really worth it or just an expensive time-consuming venture that won't amount to much.

We also found out that the company is launching another online community - this one for users of their MAS line of ERP products (they've already launched ones for Act!, Accpac and Peachtree among others). This seems to be a trend with accounting software vendors who believe their customers are online and want to talk to other people about their software. Do they? We'll have to ask MAS users.

Next up, DeFelice and Gold attempt to crash some meet-and-greets and still wake up in time for DeFelice's 8:30 a.m. presentation on succession planning.

Notes to new readers: several of you have emailed us asking if you can contribute. The answer is YES! But send us some ideas and samples and show us what you've got.