Moss Adams CEO Bob Bunting told attendees during his keynote address at the Accounting Today Growth & Profitability Summit about the six things they should do when they get home to improve their firms.

1. Prepare Your Firm for an Upstream Merger
2. Pursue Only “A” Clients
3. Start Using Predatory Pricing Like Your Competitors
4. Hire Your Best Competitor
5. Pay for Exactly What You Expect
6. Separate Your Best People from Your OK People

[IMGCAP(1)]Bunting, a former chairman of the American Institute of CPAs and president of the International Federation of Accountants, told the audience Wednesday the story of a 61-year-old Australian sheepherder, Cliff Young, who managed to win an ultra-marathon against a field of far younger competitors by a day and a half, mainly by cutting back on his rest breaks to about an hour a day and plodding forward at a steady pace.

“You are in a competitive sport yourself,” said Bunting. “It’s called public accounting.”