A pair of Tennessee business owners have teamed up to offer tax prep services along with discounts on gun purchases.

The All American Gun Shop in Athens, Tenn., is located right next door to a tax prep business owned by Richard Grassano. Grassano is also co-owner of the gun shop, along with his business partner Dennis Stearns. “He wanted a gun shop in addition to doing the accounting,” Stearns told local News Channel 9 in Chattanooga.

During tax season, the two men, who have been in business together for more than three years, make the most of their businesses, offering a discount on any gun a customer buys from Stearns, if he gets his taxes done by Grassano.

Grassano has been a CPA for 35 years. "In the accounting business I have to deal with a lot of paperwork, a lot of forms and a lot of government regulations," he told the Knoxville News Sentinel. "It turns out that the gun business also deals with lots of forms and lots of government regulations."

The two partners are not only combining two businesses, but two amendments to the U.S. Constitution: the Second and the Sixteenth.