At the risk of sounding like a public service announcement for the AICPA, the PCPS [Private Companies Practice Section] member area of their site,, has a plethora of information for firms scratching their heads about practice management strategies – including intergenerational and diversity issues. Think of it as sort of S.O.S.

Mark Koziel, senior technical manager working at the PCPS, can tell you all about the work his group is doing. The site offers a Human


Center, which provides resources on team development, incentive programs, work/life balance and retention strategies to just list a few. Also available is a Succession



Center – perfect for those firms that know they have to get their act together and start planning for the next generation of leaders.

In a recent interview with Koziel (found at the bottom of this screen, just scroll down or click here), he talks about his experience starting a Young CPAs committee in his former home of Buffalo, New York, and what the No. 1 issues facing veteran and younger CPAs are (they're different).

Check it out.