A new comic book hopes to bring the world of accounting to the masses.

A company called SmarterComics has created a comic book, “Financial Intelligence,” which explains concepts like balance sheets, income statements, assets and liabilities in the pages of a comic book. It uses the story of a fictitious Tom’s Bike Shop as an example. Tom needs help running the family business, and he gets help from Karen Berman and Joe Knight, the co-founders of the Business Literacy Institute, who show up in comic book form.

In real life, Berman and Knight wrote both the comic book and the original basis for it, their Harvard Business School Press book, “Financial Intelligence: A Manager’s Guide to Knowing What the Numbers Really Mean.” The comic book version is illustrated by Dave Wachter.

The comic book is available in paperback form, as well as digital form as apps for the iPhone and iPad, starting June 4. To preview the comic book and check out a video trailer, visit http://www.smartercomics.com/FinancialIntelligence.