This past spring, consulting firm ConvergenceCoaching conducted their 2015 "Anytime, Anywhere Work Survey" and published the results on their blog. The survey asked various firms to share the positive and negative results they experienced as a result of flexible work programs, and on Thursday, Convergence posted the various feedback that their participants shared.

Respondents cited the same top two positive benefits as the previous year's survey: That their flexible work programs resulted in better work/life balance and enhanced morale.

Some of the positive insights firms attributed to the "Anytime, Anywhere" work program includes:

  • “These types of programs have helped us build trust into our teams.”
  • “It will improve your staff retention immensely!”
  • “It’s a great benefit that allows us to keep great employees.”
  • “Flexible work programs improved morale among our employees.”

However, "Anytime, Anywhere" programs also highlighted some challenges as well. Communication remained the top challenge, followed by technology not optimized for remote work. In third place was simple resentment towards these types of programs 
Some negative comments firms expressed about flexible work programs include:

  • “Has highlighted the need to train on how to better communicate and set expectations.”
  • “Our two greatest obstacles to further implementation are the difficulty of supervising audit staff and the desire of the client to see us onsite.”
  • “Results in some days where many managers are not present.”
  • “Remote technology has made some feel that they can’t disconnect.”

Overall, the number of positive result responses (445) outweighed the negative (247) by almost 2 to 1.
For more information on the Survey and ConvergenceCoaching, head to their site here.