The CPA Consultants' Alliance has launched a new survey to collect information on succession planning in order to determine how partners in CPA firms view their firm’s ability to address the succession of their partners as they approach retirement.

Using the data gathered from the survey, CPACA plans to provide the survey participants and the profession as a whole with insights into succession planning, an issue with which many firms are struggling. The succession of retiring partners is something the vast majority of firms are facing in the next few years, and many firms are unsure how they will navigate through this challenge successfully.

The survey consists of 15 short, simple statements to which respondents can enter their level of agreement. According to CPACA, the survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.
CPACA plans to release the findings in the form of an article that will include ideas and practical advice that firms can apply. All survey participants will receive a copy of the article, along with access to interviews that the alliance is doing with CPA firm leaders and emerging leaders.

To access the survey, visit The poll is open until October 15.