On July 15, more than 50 CPA volunteers from Decker Consulting, KPMG, Melton and Melton, Briggs & Veselka and other Houston-area firms will walk 500 high school students from economically disadvantaged families through the two-day “Game of Real Life.”

The 120 hour financial, career and college planning course includes a 20-hour speed interview simulation where the CPAs interview 360 teens in 90 minutes for careers as income tax reviewers. Thirty students will then be hired and trained to review the personal income tax returns prepared by the other students.

Saturday, July 16, the students “age” from 19 to 26 in one hour intervals while working, paying bills, filing tax returns, buy homes and car insurance and having financial statements audited by students working for the Financial Planning Association of Houston.

Each student employed by the CPA firm will be assigned 15 clients and have four hours to review eight years of tax returns per client.

Graduates of the Game of Real Life, an award-winning financial education program, have all completed high school and 97.6 percent have entered college.  

The event is expected to have more than 400 corporate and university volunteers.