[IMGCAP(1)]Midnight on the Vegas strip—it’s anything but calm and quiet. The lights, the noise, the people...the chaos is pervasive and can often cause sensory overload. Standing on the strip at midnight (the witching hour) can best be described, at times, as pure mayhem. But there I was, on the strip at midnight, and I had a choice: retreat to the comfort of my room or face the chaos.

Like the Vegas strip, the rate of change in the profession brings with it chaos and uncertainty. The sheer volume of new technologies and better processes that emerge everyday can be overwhelming (just like the strip). 

However, in order to transform a firm into a thriving business (what I term the "new" firm), practitioners have to face the craziness and work through the disorder to reap the benefits of running a successful, progressive practice.

But first, you need to make a plan and create a vision so you don’t get off track. Without a structured plan and clear vision, you are most certainly taking a gamble.