While the main buzz at the Sage Summit partner and user conference in Washington has been the re-branding of its entire product line, Sage North America chief executive Pascal Houillon also realizes they need to work on reaching out to the CPA community to create more products and services for them.

Houillon admitted that in Europe, Sage is far more connected to the CPA community at large and has more products specifically for CPAs, whereas this is lacking in the U.S.

"The major difference in Europe is that it is more diverse. We work with CPAs on education and local programs and we should think about new offerings for them here," said Houillon. "We speak to them here and manage a community but we are not engaging their relationship. How we are going to do that we do not know yet, but we do need to see how we can add the CPA in to generate revenue."

Houillon also admitted that he had been speaking with CCH on how the two companies could work together for the CPA community, but said those conversations were in the very early stages and had no further details.