Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu CEO James Quigley has co-written a new book, "As One," examining various forms of leaders and followers.

The book, co-authored by Mehrdad Baghai of Alchemy Growth Partners, along with Aimar Aijala, Savri Challah, and Gerhard Voster, builds upon a global research project that the firm has conducted over the past two years to study effective collaborations in a variety of fields.

The book looks at eight different types of leaders and followers: landlord and tenants, community organizer and volunteers (look where that eventually got President Obama), conductor and orchestra, producer and creative team, general and soldiers, architect and builders, captain and sports team, and senator and citizens.

The nicely designed book contains lots of illustrations and real-world examples, including George Lucas of Star Wars fame, Pixar’s John Lasseter, and Cirque de Soleil, in the producer and creative team section.

The book will be published next month by Portfolio/Penguin. It may just show up at a bookstore or Kindle near you.