The Executives' Club ofChicago (EC)recently announced a new relationship withDeloittewith the formation of the Diversity Leadership Council, which works to expand diversity and inclusion awareness, best practices and thought leadership forChicago'sbusiness community.

The EC is aiming to share best practices and stay committed to making diversity and inclusion a priority forChicago'sbusiness leaders.

"One of the key strategic choices at The Executives' Club ofChicago is to represent our whole business community in all of its diversity," said Ana Dutra, CEO of The Executives' Club, in a statement. "As an organization that represents the business leadership ofChicago, it's critically important for us to continue to build an inclusive business forum that focuses on diversity in all areas of our work, from membership and programming to partnerships and staffing. ”Deloitte has a long-standing and proven commitment to leading diversity and inclusion and we are fortunate to have them as collaborators."

Deb DeHaas, chief inclusion officer, vice chair and managing partner of the Center for Corporate Governance at Deloitte additionally stated, "Inclusion at all levels in a business – from front line employees, to the C-suite, to the boardroom – is crucial to doing business. Building an inclusive culture is not just the right thing to do; it's also good for business. It means companies are better able to attract and retain the best talent. By seeking out and engaging unique experiences and perspectives, companies, including Deloitte, can make a more powerful impact on our people, our clients, and society as a whole."  

The Diversity Leadership Council is planning to advise EC with regard to its D&I content including speakers, affinity group development, sharing of best practices, and diversity outreach to EC's members and the broader business community. As the Platinum Sponsor and Council Chair, Deloitte will host The Club's Diversity Leadership Program Series, an annual Diversity and Inclusion Thought Leadership Program and an annual Diversity Leadership C-suite Roundtable, as well as a host ad-hoc council meetings and forums.

"Through this engagement with The Club, we as leaders in the business community can help each other maximize the potential of a diverse workforce and marketplace," stated Byron Spruell, vice chair and Chicago managing principal of Deloitte. "Today, doing so is not only a social imperative, but it is also a competitive advantage."

Companies interested in joining EC and Deloitte in making a corporate commitment to diversity should contact: (312) 263-3500. For more on EC, head to theirsite here.