Deloitte announced a 10-year sponsorship with the Canada Games yesterday that will encompass thousands of athletes and spectators in five Canadian cities and began this month with the Halifax 2011 Canada Games.

Halifax is the largest city to host the winter games, which are currently underway with 19 sports and competitors representing their province or territory against athletes from more than 800 global communities. These games end Feb. 27.  

“We are very excited to support excellence in Canadian amateur sport,” said Shannon MacDonald, managing partner Atlantic and lead partner for the Canada Games sponsorship, in a statement. “Deloitte's commitment to the Canada Games allows us to work with the organizers to elevate their work to enhance the experience of everyone involved. Through our sponsorship, we are privileged to help enable young athletes to realize their potential.”

Deloitte will provide “financial review, audit, consulting and analysis of opportunities for sustainable development” services during the length of its sponsorship, according to the firm, as well as work to establish new bid standards.

“The Canada Games are thrilled to count Deloitte as a long-term sponsor,” said Tom Quinn, chair of the Canada Games Council, in a statement. “Thanks to this collaboration, Halifax and the next four host societies will benefit from the solid leadership and skill that Deloitte representatives bring to the table."