Deloitte hosted a dinner in New York on Wednesday to discuss its recently launched Deloitte University and how it is training its accountants and consultants.

The hosts included chief talent officer Jennifer Steinmann and Deloitte University managing principal Diana O’Brien. The facility opened about a year ago and more than 40,000 professionals from over 70 countries have already attended classes and other events there as the firm saw its global revenues increase (see Deloitte Global Revenues Grow over 8%in FY2012).

The firm has been using the facility to develop the next generation of talent at Deloitte as it approaches its goal of reaching a 250,000 employee workforce around the world by 2015. Steinmann and O’Brien discussed with a group of journalists how the firm is leveraging the talents of young professionals who come from a variety of disciplines, not only accounting.

Since Deloitte also has a growing consulting practice, it recruits talent from a wide array of backgrounds, including liberal arts majors, which should be encouraging in today’s tough job environment. New employees are screened carefully, but the firm is casting a wide net to recruit and train the best talent (see Deloitte Ponders Future Talent in the Human Cloud).

Among the firm’s initiatives are efforts at increasing the diversity of its employees, which should match well with the American Institute of CPAs’ recently announced National Commission on Diversity (see AICPA Forms Diversity Commission). The firm also plans to recruit more military veterans, a group that can bring important leadership skills to the firm.

Deloitte also hopes to bring in more young people to the firm to contribute their technical knowledge and fresh ideas, along with their familiarity in areas such as social media and mobile technology. With 193,000 employees currently, Deloitte needs to recruit another 57,000 employees around the globe in the next three years. Here’s hoping many of them will be in the U.S.