Dixon Hughes Goodman donates solar lights for Native American Heritage Month

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Top 100 firmDixon Hughes Goodman (DHG) recently announced a new partnership withFAARM.org- a non-profit organization that brings portable solar lanterns to those in need - andRestoringTouch Inc.- a non-profit "dedicated to improving lives with practical acts of compassion" - in order to bring solar-powered lights to Hopi and Zuni tribal people of Arizona and New Mexico.

The partnership coincides with Native American Heritage month, held annually in November.

“There are so many daily luxuries we take for granted, such as turning on a light to read, to cook or to simply have a conversation in our homes," said Tricia Wilson, DHG Foundation president, per a statement. "Many of us think that just because we live in the United States having electric light is a given, but it isn’t. Millions of people live off the grid or with intermittent electricity. They rely on dirty fuels that poison the air and the people around them. We are proud to partner with FAARM and RestoringTouch Inc. to make an impact on the health and well-being of the Hopi and Zuni people while honoring our DHG values and Native American Heritage Month.” 

The donated solar lights,SolarPuffs, offer anaffordable, long-lasting light source made of recycled materials.

"We are thrilled to be working with Dixon Hughes Goodman, FAARM and Solight Design on such a worthy mission to bring much-needed clean, sustainable light to tribal families," stated Jack Lankhorst, CEO of RestoringTouch, Inc. "The Hopi and Zuni children need light to do their nightly homework, and theSolarPuffswill allow them to do so without breathing toxic kerosene fumes. Each year, approximately two million children die from kerosene fumes and fires. No one needs to live like that, not in America, not anywhere.  The Hopi and the Zuni are traditional people who live very close to the earth; these lights are perfect for their families and we could all take a lesson from these tribes.” 

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