Rob Lutts, the president and chief investment officer of Cabot Money Management, visited the offices a few days ago to talk about why he thinks investors are being too cautious these days.

He sees growth in emerging markets such as China, India and Brazil, and in precious metals like gold, nickel and platinum. He is also putting his clients’ money in Internet, mobile data and cloud computing stocks.

“The government has lowered the interest rates in the past two years to almost zero and they’re making it extremely uncomfortable for us to be in no risk," he said. "They’re doing it by design to move money into productive areas.”

His wealth management company has a CPA on staff and prepares about 140 tax returns a year for clients. But he often coordinates with the client’s own accountant and lawyer when performing services such as estate planning, retirement planning and education planning.

“Our experience has been that for most clients, they really like having a quarterback, someone that can come in and take the professionals and get the most out of them,” he said.

“I’ve found in my practice when we do that, we have much better client relationships,” he added. “The client feels like everything is much better coordinated instead of this guy is doing this and this guy is doing that. In this business, there is no single answer on any case.”