On Tuesday,EYannounced a significant expansion to itsEY Scholars Master’s Program, awarding 53 students from across the country the opportunity to participate in this year’s program. The program covers up to 100% of tuition and fees for each student’s master’s degree program, providing a group of underrepresented interns the opportunity to continue their education and succeed in the growing professional services industry.

Since 2000, the Program has supported over 400 students, some of whom are now Partners and Executive Directors of the firm. “We continue to be an industry leader in investing in diversity & inclusiveness efforts and know that this investment will help promising new hires build strong technical skills on their existing skill sets,” stated Ken Bouyer, EY Americas diversity & inclusiveness recruiting leader. “We want to support their career journeys from the outset, making them strong long-term performers within EY, as well as leaders in the broader marketplace.”

With the expansion of the EY Scholars Program, a record number of students will enroll in a Master of Science in Accounting (M.S.A.), a Master of Science in Taxation (M.S.T.), or a Master of Science in Economics (M.S. Econ) program. Additionally, three of this year’s Scholars will be enrolling in Law School to earn an LL.M. in General Taxation. Each Scholar is paired with a current EY professional, who will serve as mentor and provide additional program and professional support and advice. The group of Scholars will convene this summer at EY’sInternational Internship Leadership Conferencein Orlando, Florida, prior to attending school this fall.

Students participating will be enrolled in over 30 different universities including the University of Virginia, University of Notre Dame, Wake Forest University, Texas Tech University, Pennsylvania State University, University of Michigan, University of Southern California and Georgetown University.

"It is an honor to have been chosen as an EY Scholar,” said Rebecca Galindo, who will begin her graduate program this fall at the University of Southern California, in a statement. “Not only do I get to focus on my education, but I also have the pleasure to be an ambassador for the EY Scholars Program. I’m excited to help other students achieve their education and career goals."

According to the2013 AICPA Trends in the Supply of Accounting Graduates and the Demand for Public Accounting Recruits, students of the following ethnicities were enrolled in M.S. in accounting from 2011-2012: 62% white, 15% Asian/Pacific Islander, 5% Hispanic/Latino, 5% black/African American, and 0.3% American Indian/Alaskan Native.

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