What the world has been waiting for, a novel about cloud computing, has finally hit the bookshelves, sort of.

Last month, cloud accounting vendor FinancialForce.com released its debut novel, penned by someone calling him or herself Fen C. California. The small volume, entitled “The Deal: Untapping the Wall Between Sales and Finance,” is billed as a “satirical debut novel” by the relatively fledgling company. FinancialForce.com, an offshoot of Coda Financials, is co-owned by Coda’s Dutch parent company Unit4 and Web-based customer relationship management software developer Salesforce.com. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff wrote the foreword to the book.

The novel tells the tale of an “overly aggressive salesperson, hell bent on making High Achievers Club, who is forced together with a by-the-numbers accountant to resolve the problems that plague so many companies: walking a tightrope between the new business pipeline of requirements and closing the next big sales deal.”

The book is a fun read and the most humorous finance-related novel I’ve read since Joe Kolman’s excellent “Naked Option” back in 2007.

You can download a free e-book version at www.saleslovesfinance.com.