The American Institute of CPAs is offering an online CPA personality quiz that’s garnering attention among CPAs young and old alike.

AICPA president and CEO Barry Melancon mentioned the quiz this week at the AICPA’s Spring Meeting of Council in Washington, D.C. It’s available at He acknowledged that a couple of state CPA societies have similar online quizzes.

“People love this, particularly younger CPAs,” said Melancon. “It asks you where do you fall: Are you a traditionalist? Are you a networker? Are you an independent person? Are you a balance seeker in business and industry or public practice, etc.? We just launched this, I think, a little bit over a month ago. We got 15,000 visitors to play in this particular space. This is a new approach to engaging that young CPA group."

Some not so young CPAs have been taking the test too, he added. "We got some comments in an online chat," said Melancon. "There was a 58-year-old CPA who said this is the greatest thing we’ve ever done. Another CPA leader, about 50, at a firm did it, and she said, ‘I’m taking it back into my organization and I’m going to get all of the CPAs in the organization to do it. We’re going to have a big lunch sitting around talking about each other’s personality and background from that standpoint.’ So this is a different way to look at that.”

It sounds like it’s a lot more fun than taking a Rorschach test, or analyzing a financial statement.