Just in time for the holiday season, CPA firm consultant Rita Keller of Keller Advisors has decided to do her own version of a scene from the now-classic Jean Shepherd movie “A Christmas Story,” adapted for accountants.

No, it’s not any of the scenes involving a leg lamp. Actually, it’s the almost too painful to watch scene where a little boy takes the “triple-dog dare” of licking a flag pole on an icy winter day and promptly gets his tongue stuck to the pole.

[IMGCAP(1)]In Rita’s version, an accountant takes the triple-dog dare of using social media to promote their firm, which should not be as dangerous a stunt. In her blog post, Rita also includes a photo of herself taking that triple-dog dare with the flag pole. Hopefully she didn’t need to use any hot water to extricate herself.

Using social media is generally considered safer than tonguing a frozen flag pole, though it’s still a good idea to be careful about those holiday party photos you post on your Facebook page.