What do young CPAs want? Flexibility.

Veteran accounting blogger Rita Keller reminds us it’s not that surprising that the new generation wants this – nor is it really anything new.

Keller references ioma’s Partner’s Report, where the editor covered a panel of three emerging leaders from different sized firms at the AICPA’s Practitioners Symposium.

The three young professionals featured, Keller wrote, “all have a strong sense of responsibility for making sure they do their jobs well and an appreciation for the flexible opportunities at their firms.” The biggest takeaways from the ioma report? Flexibility is key- but so is hard work; training is treasured; and pay isn’t that important of an issue since it’s competitive anyway.

Keller, though, experienced flexibility when she was first starting out in accounting more than 30 years ago and reminds us that, "flexibility compliments and goes hand-in-hand with well-managed firms."