The New York tabloids have been filled with headlines in recent weeks about the so-called “soccer mom madam” scandal, and there is now an accounting angle.

A former IRS employee has been named as the money man behind the prostitution ring, led by suburban housewife Anna Gristina. The New York Daily News reported that Jonas Gayer, described as “an art-loving former IRS accountant once convicted in a tax evasion scheme,” has made at least 10 appearances in court since he was indicted in 2010.

While Gayer is denying any connection to the prostitution ring, he has admitted to knowing Gristina, according to the Daily News, and following her on Twitter.

Gayer worked for the IRS as a revenue agent between 1972 and 1982. He then joined an accounting firm and opened his own business in 1990. He was also indicted in 1989 in a massive $10 million tax evasion scheme by a Brooklyn trucking company, J-Ro Trucking, where he worked as controller, according to the Huffington Post.

He pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charge of lying to federal investigators in that case and was sentenced to probation. Gayer was later arrested in 2010 and charged with money laundering and promoting prostitution.