Gallina LLPannounced a partnership with Placer Food Bank, a Feed Families affiliate, in their Roseville, California headquarters on Friday. The office extended an offer to local nonprofit organizations to collect aluminum and plastic recyclables from empty employee beverage containers. After receiving an overwhelming number of interested nonprofits, Gallina awarded the opportunity to Roseville-based Placer Food Bank.

Effective June 5, the Gallina Roseville office is partnered with Placer Food Bank to pick up can and bottle recyclables. These empty beverage containers provide Placer Food Bank an opportunity to collect the California redemption value (CRV) made available through CalRecycle.For a one-year term, Placer Food Bank will regularly pick up bottles and cans that qualify for CRV. GALLINA will then make the opportunity available to another interested nonprofit to ensure rotation among local nonprofits.

“This is one of the many ways we give back to nonprofits, but most importantly our community, as well as ensuring the promotion of sustainable business practices," stated managing partner, Larry Taylor. "Gallina believes in innovative environmental solutions, which is why we came up with a creative solution for our empty bottles and cans.”

Gallina’s regular programs also support Ronald McDonald House charities, non-confidential paper collections at all printer stations in support of various local charities such as local schools and Excel Roseville, formerly known as Roseville Recreation Education & Creativity (R.E.C.), and battery recycling.

“Gallina’s Roseville office is fortunate to work with a variety of exemplary nonprofits," stated GALLINA’s Ashley Harris, who manages the Roseville facilities. "We continue to discover new innovative ways to partner with our local community and they have been very receptive. We could simply stick to the normal stuff like giving away old office furniture, but our office culture thrives off these unique twists. We’re taking every day office staples and translating them into a benefit for those in need.” 

To learn more about the CalRecycle program, visit their site here