Accounting Today’s write-up on Casey Anthony’s IRS tax troubles merited a shocked mention during an episode of “Good Morning America” this week.

After a story about the tumultuous proceedings in the Florida courtroom where the homicide trial of the accused mother is being held, reporter Ashleigh Banfield told GMA co-host Robin Roberts that the case had even been covered by Accounting Today (see Casey Anthony Hit with IRS Tax Lien for $68,520). She closed the report, which mainly covered Judge Belvin Perry's scoldings of defense attorney Jose Baez and prosecutor Jeff Ashton, with a mention of the widespread publicity that the case has attracted, “Millions of people are watching this, both on television and online,” Banfield said, adding with amazement, “and Robin, just to underscore, this story actually made the Web site Accounting Today! I am not kidding.”

“Say that again, I’m sorry, what did you say?” Roberts responded in disbelief.

“Honest to god, I’m not kidding, the story, the Casey Anthony trial, made the Web site! Accounting!”

“Accounting, all right, go figure,” said Roberts. “Thanks, Ash.”

Yes, indeed, thanks for the mention, Ash!

You can click on the video player below to watch the report.