[IMGCAP(1)]It’s that time of year again. Christmas presents have been unwrapped, family gatherings are over, and the office population has dwindled to zero.


As this year wraps up, I’m sure everyone will be preparing their yearly New Year’s resolutions for 2011. What will your resolution be? Of course there are the typical poll-winners, which include losing weight, quitting cigarettes, working out five times per week, etc. Will you keep your resolutions? Considering the historical success rate of resolutions, chances are this year’s resolutions will make the list next year.

So, let’s make this New Year’s celebration different. Instead of picking an individual habit that may be affecting your life, pick lifestyles that will have much more drastic effects, both in your work and personal life. Pick those that will have the most effect on productivity, yet also translate into an improved work/life balance.

With those qualifications in mind, selecting four lifestyle adjustments is easy. Just remember the word PAIN. In this case, it stands for: Poor posture, Aimless fitness, Improper nutrition, and Neglecting brain function.

Poor posture: So much more than just simple ergonomics. Poor posture is responsible for many of the back, neck and shoulder aches that constantly bug you at your desk. Create a strategy of massaging, stretching and strengthening that will build the foundation you need for healthy posture.

Aimless fitness: A mere gym membership does not guarantee anyone health and wellness. In fact, it can actually be a deterrent to your fitness goals. Research or meet with a fitness professional to create time-efficient and effective workouts that are aimed at making your day easier, not your biceps bigger.

Improper nutrition: Get off the energy rollercoaster and learn to pick the foods that will have you feeling productive from 9 to 5. Eat unpackaged food that doesn’t need health claims to show you it’s healthy. Sounds like common sense, but eat real food. It’s that easy.

Neglecting brain function: Your brain hates cubicles as much as you do. A few minutes a day can improve your focus, attention and memory. Simply implement routine breakers and take periodic breaks from work to allow your brain some time to catch up.

Creating and implementing strategies aimed at optimizing these four issues can have a dramatic carryover effect on all aspects of your life. If you are interested in specific and structured strategies for these issues, check out my new book “PAIN: Why Your Productivity is Suffering.” It discusses these specific lifestyle adjustments and provides solutions for each. Visit http://leaflifestyle.com/pain for more details. I hope the book provides what you need to make your New Year’s resolutions a series of accomplishments.

Luke Sniewski currently works as a CPA as well as a Fitness Consultant. He works by weaving the health and wellness world with the business professional world. Working with companies and business professionals, his organization, LEAF, teaches the PAIN CPE course series that aims to improve the overall quality of life through the implementation of proactive lifestyles. Visit www.leaflifestyle.com for more details.