[IMGCAP(1)]Am I a bad American because I don’t really care about the Cliff?

OK, so it’s not that I truly don’t care about the new tax legislation as much as I JUST WANTED THEM TO MAKE A DECISION ALREADY! My concern was always to start my tax season on time. Period.

This was my Facebook status just before the announcement of the new American Taxpayer Relief Act being passed. Very quickly I received 29 likes and nine comments. Apparently, I am not the only tax pro who feels this way. I am not really a political person (my husband more than makes up for my neutrality). And, yes, I do care about our country, but I found the lack of action ridiculous and extremely frustrating from the tax professional’s point of view. And, no doubt, we will all be feeling this “pause in time” around the March timeframe or later. Oh boy, buckle up!

But, not to linger in the bitter barn too long…now that Congress has made its decision, let’s move on. Ready or not…tax season, here we come!