The Department of Finance, Insurance, and Law atIllinois State University’s College of Businessannounced last weekthe launch of their Institute for Financial Planning and Analysis, with professor of finance Edgar Norton named the Institute's director.

“The big picture is partnering with the finance profession so our students benefit and our program benefits as well,” Norton said in a statement. “These partners can provide good advice as to what is going on in the real-world of finance.”

Department of Finance, Insurance, and Law chair Gary Koppenhaver collaborated with Norton to create the Institute, hoping the facility will give both businesses and students alike a place to work with the University's faculty. “Businesses can use our faculty as a resource to deal with the training, development, and research issues they face,” Koppenhaver stated. “The Institute is committed to building valued partnerships with the broader community served by Illinois State University and the College of Business.”

Norton also added that he'd like to bring in guest speakers to campus to "learn about [the Institute's] programs and then maybe they would be willing to hire an intern or be available for a day of job shadowing so a student can learn what it’s like to be a corporate treasurer, financial planner, or investment analyst.” Norton stated that he'd also like to make the Institute a source of continuing-education credit, namely CFP (Certified Financial Planner) and ChFC) Chartered Financial Consultant).

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