Reasons to focus on complicated returns; 529 Day; in memory and in thanks; other highlights from our favorite tax bloggers.

Real value

  • The Income Tax School ( Here’s one you don’t think about much as you’re reaching for the Excedrin: “4 Reasons to Focus on Complicated Returns Next Tax Season.” Considerations include the competition of software to handle simple returns to the plain fact of making more money.
  • Intuit Proconnect ( Maybe you’ve heard a lot about value pricing and maybe you’d love to try that road to semi-riches. Here are seven steps to transition your firm, starting with “killing the timesheet.”
  • Procedurally Taxing ( What appears to be a collection of follow-ups of recent posts is in fact a reminder that the most interesting parts of Net-posted writing often hide in the Comments.

Simply stated

  • Don’t Mess With Taxes ( We didn’t know that the last day of May was 529 Day, marked each year by a flurry of activity to get the word out about the college savings plans. Origins, overview (including state write-offs allowed in Arizona, Kansas, Missouri, Montana and Pennsylvania) and, as often is the case with stuff about school, a stern reminder to follow the rules.
  • Taxjar ( June sales tax due dates.
  • Tax Girl ( This year’s sales tax holidays, state by state and including the back-to-school deals that will be on us before we know it.
  • Rubin on Tax ( The settlor’s intent has usually been the key item in guiding the administration of a trust. Florida, however, may have just put the beneficiary ahead of both the cart and the horse.
  • Philadelphia Estate and Tax Attorney Blog ( Pa. Tax Amnesty gives Keystone State taxpayers incentive until June 19 to settle their bills with Harrisburg.


  • Backtaxeshelp ( “Have you ever had that sinking feeling like you messed up on something big but it’s too late now to take it back?” Whether a client should amend a return.
  • H&R Block ( What to repair first to get the most out of house flipping.
  • TaxMama ( Mama helps those many out there who have questions about tax returns for entities they created but never used.
  • Summing It Up ( The Research and Development Tax Credit can be a plum for companies – but only if they get the paperwork right.
  • Federal Tax Crimes ( Details of “yet another” offshore account conviction but with DOJ agreement of “No Sophisticated Means.”
  • Due Diligence ( In this week’s collection: “Crime Doesn’t Pay!...” or “What do you call a woman convicted four times of fraud?” (Well, “inmate” for the next 41 months.)

In gratitude and memory

  • Solutions for CPA Firm Leaders ( “In Flanders fields the poppies blow/Between the crosses, row on row,/That mark our place; and in the sky/The larks, still bravely singing, fly/Scarce heard amid the guns below...”
  • Turbotax ( In honor of Memorial Day just passed, saving tips for troops, including cutting bills while home and cars are idle, prepaid cell phone plans, and entertainment and travel discounts.
  • Roth & Co. ( Joe Kristan makes his last post before Roth & Co. joins Eide Bailly. Many thanks, Joe, for the years of effort and observation. Good luck in your new fields!
Jeff Stimpson

Jeff Stimpson

Jeff Stimpson is a veteran freelance journalist who previously served as editor of The Practical Accountant.