Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) announced the launch of a new MBA degree program on Wednesday, in a partnership with the Ron Blue Institute.

The Master of Business Administration in Personal Financial Planning (MBA-PFP) will allow Certified Financial Planners to earn an MBA by completing seven or eight additional courses. Those who are not Certified Financial Planners can complete the program and meet the educational requirements to sit for the CFP exam.

“The MBA in PFP provides graduate-level core MBA training along with preparation courses that meet the educational requirements of the CFP exam,” stated Dr. Jeffrey Boyce, assistant dean of IWU’s DeVoe School of Business. “More importantly, this program incorporates a biblical perspective on the use of money into the program and seeks to prepare financial planners to advise their clients on the use of their financial resources in a manner that builds the kingdom of God.”

The Master’s program has been structured specifically with adult students in mind. Classes meet weekly or online, with cohort groups providing mutual support. Instructors create a learning environment that allows the students to design solutions and strategies for complex business problems and opportunities within the financial planning industry.

“The MBA PFP program is one of less than a dozen MBA-based financial planning programs in the country, and the only one that integrates biblical principles,” Boyce continued. “It is a strong addition to the degrees available through the DeVoe School of Business and is part of IWU's tradition and mission of preparing students in character, scholarship and leadership.”

For more information on the MBA PFP program, head to IWU's site here.