Care to write off any Botox expenses? Intuit has come out with a set of the strangest tax deductions it’s seen this past tax season, including taxpayers who tried to write off the cost of Armani suits and a hired psychic.

Other eyebrow-raising deductions for tax year 2009 included taxpayers who wanted to write off their pets for the purpose of pest control or as a "security small business." (Remember to file a separate Schedule C for Fido.)

Some taxpayers also wanted to take deductions for beauty and cosmetics of various kinds, according to the TurboTax folks. Those included deductions for false eyelashes, haircuts, spa treatments, and a blow dryer that had been purchased for a meeting.

Other taxpayers wanted to write off various recreational activities, including fishing gear, golfing expenses and even horses.

Deductions for pet-related expenses seemed to be the most common types of questionable tax deductions spotted by Intuit. Those included a customer who asked about claiming a pet as a dependent since they provide it with all the support it needs.

Dry cleaning, Botox injections and limousine service also made the list of dubious deductions. The IRS examiners will have a fun time demanding receipts from some of these folks.