Global commercial real estate firm Jones Lang LaSalle announced a donation of 100 million yen (approximately $1.25 million) to the Japanese Red Cross relief efforts following the earthquake and Pacific Tsunami.

“Our donation is meant as an earnest statement of concern for and support of the people of Japan including our 600 employees and thousands of clients in the country,” said Chief Executive Officer Colin Dyer in a statement. “We’re providing this donation to the Red Cross as the most effective means of delivering immediate aid to those people and areas in greatest need. We encourage other organizations to join us and pledge their support to the Japanese relief efforts.”

The firm has offices in Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo and Fukuoka.

“Following a series of natural disasters and now nuclear disasters, there are mounting risks facing our country and there remains a substantial and ongoing need for humanitarian assistance for the families affected,” said Yoichiro Hamaoka, Jones Lang LaSalle’s managing director for Japan, in a statement. 

Yasuo Nakashima, CEO of LaSalle Investment Management in Japan stated, “Our social responsibility to the community is an important cultural value for our global company and this is one way we can contribute to the recovery and help our community.”

Online donations to the Red Cross can be made here.