The Kansas City chapter of Financial Executives International (FEI Kansas City) today announced four winners of its 2015 Academic Awards for outstanding students in Finance and Accounting, plus one Legacy Academic Award to an outstanding student who is the daughter of an FEI Kansas City member.

Selected from universities in Kansas and Missouri, the winners received their merit awards at the Academic Awards Night program on Monday April 13.

Winners of FEI Kansas City's 2015 Academic Awards:

  • Luke Friesen, Wichita, KS, majoring in Accounting at MidAmerica (Nazarene University)
  • Alec Haight, Lenexa, KS, majoring in Finance (Benedictine College)
  • Yuliana Onopriyenko, Kansas City, MO, majoring in Accounting (University of Missouri-Kansas City)
  • Augusto M. Sanabria-Rivarola, Lawrence, KS, majoring in Finance (University of Kansas)
  • Heather Manning, Parkville, MO, a high school senior who plans to study Theatre Arts at Stephens College (FEI Kansas City Legacy Academic Award)

"Central to our mission as the top networking and professional development group for financial executives in Kansas City, FEI is committed to developing the next generation of finance and accounting leaders. We have been providing monetary awards to outstanding students for more than 20 years," said Mike Manning, president of the FEI Kansas City chapter, in a statement. "FEI Kansas City is proud to partner with the business faculties of universities across our region to promote excellence and to celebrate these promising young adults' academic achievements."
For more information, head to FEI Kansas City's site here.