Having trouble pronouncing the name of mid-Atlantic CPA and consulting firm KatzAbosch? They’ve got a cat for that.

Or several, compiled in a Tumblr web page of photographed cats saying “bosh”—serving as a helpful mnemonic device for the firm’s name (“cat say bosh”) and capitalizing on the online popularity of the furry pets.

“People don’t know how to say our name,” stated KatzAbosch marketing director Graham Dodge. “We’ve heard ‘Katz-AH-boash’, ‘Katzah-BOSH’ and sometimes just ‘Katz-um…’, but now everyone will remember that it sounds just like Cat Say Bosh.”

Along with creating the site, Dodge updated the firm’s animated series, “Gotta Love Tax Season,” strategically replacing its animated accountants with talking cats.

“Our market research shows that people prefer cats over accountants nearly 1,000 to 1,” Dodge said. “It’s a no-brainer.”