You've heard it before and you'll hear it again: the younger generation is key to boosting your bottom lineMost new graduates are eager to showcase their talents and have not picked up bad working habits, according to Tip Fallon, the founder of Speaking for Change, a consulting firm that advances the success of college students through speaking engagements, consulting, coaching and blogs.
And, perhaps contrary to popular belief that Millennials don't want to "pay their dues," most are excited to take on new, challenging responsibilities.

"It's obvious there are many benefits to hiring Millennial employees," he said. "But keeping them motivated and happy requires different techniques compared to past generations."

While cash plays a role in retaining top talent (um, who doesn't like cash?), Fallon said by giving Millennials ownership, providing regular feedback, letting them do good for the community and office, building enjoyment into the workplace, encouraging them to tap into their unique talents and yes, letting them have their bragging rights, Millennials are more likely to become engaged with their working environment and stay put.

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