Phil Shane, an accounting professor at the University of Colorado, was recently appointed to a year-long research fellowship with FASB to build bridges between the standard setting world and academia.

Leeds will act as liaison between academics, accounting policy-makers, and their constituents, which includes preparers, auditors and users of financial statements. He’ll conduct weekly seminars that address accounting issues such as policy, presentation of financial information and convergence.

Shane will also tap into the brain trust of the research community. “In accounting, academics have been under fire for their research not being relevant to what practitioners and policymakers are really interested in,” Shane said.

The fellowship begins in August with a trip to San Francisco for the Annual Meeting of the American Accounting Association. Then Shane will spend two weeks working with students and faculty at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, where he is a part-time professor, before heading to Norfolk, Conn. to be near FASB headquarters.

“It’s an honor to be chosen,” Shane said.