Comedienne and actress Leslie Jones has a new job for Ernst & Young: safeguarding her from hackers.

At the Emmy Awards on Sunday night, the Saturday Night Live cast member brought a trio of accountants from EY onstage for the traditional awards show introduction of the vote tabulators. Jones has suffered in recent months from Twitter trolls and hacks of her website and digital photos. After she co-starred in this summer’s “Ghostbusters” reboot, social media trolls posted racist comments and pictures of Jones on Twitter, inspiring legions of fans to come to her defense. Then her website was hacked and nude photos were posted of her on her own site, along with her driver’s license and passport.

[IMGCAP(1)]At Sunday’s awards show, Jones prevailed on the accountants to protect her. “Thank you so much, Ernst & Young,” she told the three accountants. “I don’t know who the third dude is, but I really appreciate all of the hard work you do, but let’s be real. Y’all are protecting something that nobody is trying to steal. Don’t nobody want to know about boring Emmy secrets. But since you're good at keeping things safe, I’ve got a job for you: my Twitter account. Put that in the vault, please! Y’all are over here using your skills to protect Best Voiceover in a French Sitcom. Meanwhile I’m buck naked on CNN! I just wanted to feel beautiful, y’all. Can a sister feel beautiful? Come on, let’s go.”

They nodded yes, and Jones escorted the accountants offstage.