Majority of young adults find "money management" the most useful high school course, survey finds

According to anew pollfrom theNational Financial Educators Council (NFEC),DreamCatcher Wealth Management, andThe Minerva Foundation, a majority of young adults aged 18-24 answered "money management" when asked, "What high school-level course would benefit your life the most?"

Of the 1,101 young adults across the U.S. surveyed, the majority (51.4%) chose "money management" as the top course. Overall, response categories included "mathematics (algebra, geometry)," "money management (personal finance)," "science (biology, chemistry)," and "social studies (history, government)." Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies were chosen between 17.9%, 16.5%, and 14.2% of the respondents, respectively.

The poll also found that people residing in urban areas who earned between $50,000 and $74,000 per year were more likely to choose "money management" as the most beneficial course than those earning $25-49,000 annually. 

The survey marks the first age-specific survey conducted by the NFEC, initiating a research series examining various financial attitudes and behaviors. NFEC says that future studies will examine relationships between attitudes/behaviors and levels of financial capability.   

NFEC is a financial education resource provider, industry advocate, and thought leader. The Council conducts nationwide surveys, studies, and research on topics concerning financial education.

DreamCatcher Wealth Managementis an advisory firm that looks to help people achieve financial goals and manage their wealth.  The Minerva Foundation is a non-profit organization looking to promote financial literacy and empowerment.

For the complete survey results, head to NFEC'ssite here.

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