Instead of climbing the walls this tax season, partners and staff of Maryland accounting firm Weyrich, Cronin & Sorra are painting them, creating murals to be donated to local hospitals in a firmwide stress-relieving activity.

The Lutherville and Bel Air offices are teaming up to therapeutically paint child-friendly images on large canvas boards.

“The idea of art therapy isn’t new, but it is new to most of the staff here at the firm,” stated marketing coordinator Carol Frontera. “This is the premise of the idea, to encourage the staff to use the creative side of their brain and give the analytical side a brief rest. Working toward the goal of donating the murals where hospitalized children can enjoy them is just one more benefit of a project like this.”

Both offices have three canvas boards featuring drawings of cartoon sea creatures that they will freely paint to create a mural when the boards are hung side-by-side.

The deadline for the paintings is April 18, when the canvases will be framed and shipped to be hung in the pediatric units of local hospitals.

“Sometimes the best therapy is doing something for someone else,” Frontera stated. “It changes your perspective when you think about tax season stress compared to the stress that families endure when a child is hospitalized. Hopefully this will be a positive experience in many ways for all of the staff.”