With the employment outlook turning bleaker by the day, many white collar moms who opted out of the workforce to focus on their kids are scrambling to get back in, according to a recent story in Time Magazine.

The piece offers some interesting nuggets. For example, because men are making up 82 percent of the recession's job losses, women are flocking to mom-centric job and career-consulting sites in an effort to translate their maternal skills of negotiation and time management into the corporate environment.

Mom Corps, a staffing company that pairs women with white collar jobs that have flexible hours, in February surveyed its 500 most recent registrants and 63 percent said the economy was driving their decision to look for work. Five percent said they joined because their spouse was laid off.

In early March, Mom Corps had 34,000 job hunters and 54 jobs. The company says most of its openings are filled within two weeks and hinges on factors like location and skill set.

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