NetSuite’s corporate citizenship program announced the latest donation of the company’s cloud-based business software service to social enterprises Easy Office, United Prosperity, EdTec, Envirofit and Kiva.

The software manages the business operations of the organizations while also tracking social impact—or the “second bottom line.”

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to help these social enterprises deploy state-of-the-art business management technology,” said Program Manager David Geilhufe in a statement. “Our expertise in providing and optimizing business management software directly helps these organizations change lives and fulfill their missions."

The donations are part of a larger social enterprise grant that includes deep discounts on additional items, service grants and social solutions. Discounts are based on applicant revenue, with small organizations (below $2 million) receiving a donation, mid-sized organization purchasing at an 80 percent discount and large organizations ($5 million-plus) getting a 50 percent mark-down.

Employee volunteers power the service grant element of the donation and social solutions like fundraising and carbon accounting are built into the software platform.  

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