The AICPA announced the launch of a new site today,, which emphasizes the value CPAs can provide to the nation’s 28 million small businesses on strategic planning, compliance reporting and financial management. It is an expansion of the AICPA’s "#CPAPOWERED campaign," created last year to highlight CPAs’ expertise.

The materials on offer a starting point for small business owners to learn the advantages of working with a CPA. The site also includes a tool to help find a local CPA.

Small businesses account for some 60 percent of all new jobs since the end of the recession, according to the federal Small Business Administration, yet only about half of all small businesses survive longer than five years. Relying on a seasoned, expert adviser on financial matters can be a critical factor in business survival, and for many business owners that role is filled by a CPA.

The centerpiece of this year’s #CPAPOWERED campaign is a series of informative videos: “CPA Secrets to a Better Business,” which offer tips for small business owners on seeking financing, keeping critical data secure and understanding health insurance, among other topics.

Two videos – Acquiring Financing and Preventing Employee Theft – are currently available on, along with articles, checklists and tools that drive home the message that CPAs are essential to business success. Other videos and materials will be rolled out over the next few months.

“Our message for small business owners is you don’t have to go it alone,” said Mark Koziel, vice president of firm services and global alliances at the AICPA, in a statement. “When you’re #CPAPOWERED, you have a trusted business adviser at your side.”

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