With only about 11 days to go, about half of New York State CPAs have not yet registered with the state in accordance with a new accounting reform law that Governor David Paterson signed in January.

The bill requires them to register by July 26, but according to the New York State Society of CPAs, only about half the 70,000 CPAs in the state have signed up. NYSSCPA president David Moynihan told Crain’s New York that many CPAs are not used to making a change so quickly in the way they practice. The new law requires not only some new regulations but it also includes some new CPE requirements, including at least 24 hours of concentrated study in a subject such as tax, or at least 40 hours of general study in a variety of subjects.

Time for a lot of New York CPAs to start cracking the books, signing up for seminars (the NYSSCPA conferences have been even more crowded than usual lately) and, most importantly, registering with the state.

Avoid registering as a CPA in New York? Fuhgeddaboutit!