CPAs from Melville, N.Y.-based accounting firm Nussbaum Yates Berg Klein & Wolpow recently spruced up their weekly visits to scoop out ice cream for patients of the Alexandra Cohen Children’s Medical Center on Long Island with a brand-new ice cream cart.

On Wednesday, Sept. 5, the redesigned push cart was unveiled, decked out in NYBKW Foundation (the firm’s charitable sponsoring arm) signs.

NYBKW Foundation president Barry Berg completed the look, dressed up in an ice cream vendor’s costume.

“Nothing compares to brightening the day of a child, especially a child that is suffering,” Berg said in a statement. “Tonight a mother came out to thank us for putting a smile on her son’s face, and in another ward, a nurse announced the ice cream man was on the floor, and the children flocked to our cart, like honey bees to the hive.”